Learn How McDonald steal 60+ million dollars a year

mcclown-charityowlIf McDonald’s “forgot” a $.50 piece of extra cheese 10 times a day at each of their 36,000 locations, that wasn’t disputed, then they steal 60+ million dollars a year.

Xtra cheese cost: $.25 to $.35 (average $.30) @ $.30 per golden square X 10 X 365 X 36,000
$39,420,000 per year grossly underestimated because you know it happens more than 10 times a day. Sometimes they leave out whole burgers.

If they didn’t forget the cheese, they still gain $.29 of the $.30 cents but those $.29 aren’t stolen. That’s just the cost. As soon as my $.30 gets paid for an item I didn’t receive then 100% of that $.30 is stolen.

People don’t seem to understand so here it goes: if I took them to a court that would make a case ofer the $.30 piece of cheese, and I could prove that they charged me $.30 for a piece of cheese that they never gave me, then the court would make them pay me back the $.30. The whole $.30 is stolen.


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