How to Celebrate New Years Eve in Yaounde

Are you spending New Year in Yaounde, Cameroon? There are plenty of things to do at New Year in Yaounde, Cameroon, includes Yaounde New Years Eve Fireworks, Yaounde New Years Eve Parade, Yaounde New Years Eve Music Concerts and many more festive celebrations in Yaounde. Find all you need to know about the festive season in the capital of Yaounde, from New Years Eve markets and Yaounde shopping to sparkling New Years Eve lights.

As the New Year approaches, you may be wondering how to say goodbye to this year and bring in the next one in Yaounde, Cameroon. Whether you choose to celebrate amid thousands of others or just with your closest friends and family, celebrating the New Year will leave you with memories that will last for many years to come.

1. Attend an open-air event. These “street party”-type events often include some musical performances by Yaounde musicians or DJs, confetti, and a fireworks display. There are many New Year’s Eve events all over the world that garner national attention, such as Times Square in New York, USA; Sydney Harbour in Sydney, Australia; Central London in London, England; Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, China; the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France; the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany; and Marina Bay in Singapore. If you don’t live close to those celebrations, many big cities all over the world includin Yaounde, Cameroon; offer open-air celebrations and street parties that you can attend.

2. Go to a club. If you’re looking to party hard while ringing in the New Year, gather up your friends and go to a club in Yaounde. New Year’s Eve is one of the hottest nights of the year when it comes to clubbing, so clubs will often bring in the best DJs they can find and have alcohol specials, if you allowed to drink of course.

3. Attend a formal event. Many upscale hotels and restaurants in Yaounde host New Year’s Eve galas that are catered and have performances from orchestras, jazz bands, and musicians. If you want to start the new year dressed in your best attire, dancing, eating, and toasting with champagne, these galas are the place for you.

4. Go out for dinner. Whether it’s a family-friendly restaurant with your kids, a fancy restaurant for a romantic date, or your favourite restaurant for a night out with friends, going out to eat is a great low-key way to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Some restaurants in Yaounde may also have New Year’s specials on food and drinks, but ensure to call at least a few days ahead of time to make a reservation as restaurants tend to be packed on New Year’s Eve.

5. Stay home. If you don’t enjoy spending the night with crowds of celebrating people, consider doing something at your house, whether it be a house party, a special dinner, a casual get-together with friends and family, or simply watching the New Year’s Eve celebrations on TV.

6. Honour New Year’s traditions. Sharing meals with your family is an important tradition in Brazil and Greece, and New Year’s Eve bonfires are held in Panama and Scotland. In English-speaking countries, the song “Auld Lang Syne” is sung at midnight. Other interesting New Year’s traditions include smashing old plates on your friend’s doors in Denmark, eating twelve fruits at midnight in the Philippines, and eating black-eyed peas for luck in the United States. Christians all over the world also in Yaounde hold a traditional “Watchnight”, “Midnight Mass”, or “Eucharist” church service on New Year’s Eve. Whatever New Year’s traditions in Cameroon or family has, consider partaking in them this New Year’s Eve.


  • Be sure to book tickets for clubs, casinos, or galas well ahead of time so that they don’t sell out.
  • Do an internet search to find New Year’s events in Yaounde.
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