Fellow Shenandoah Junct, where is the best burger?


One of my goals for 2016 is to discover some of the best burgers the awesome city of Shenandoah Junct, WV has to offer.

Fellow Shenandoah Junct, where do you go to find the absolute best burger? What makes it the best burger?

I’ve had a lot of burgers around the great Shenandoah Junct city and have eaten some really great ones. But I’m looking for a new #1.

I like traditional hamburgers and cheeseburgers, and I like the weird “let’s-throw-all-sorts-of-toppings-on-this” burgers. But lately, I’ve been wondering, what is the best burger in all of Shenandoah Junct, WV?

I decided that the best way to determine the answer was to make a list of potential best burger establishments and systematically test them out. I have decided to have four burgers in four days. Specifically the best burgers I can find in the Shenandoah Junct, WV.

So, I am asking you for help in determining the Best Burgers in the Shenandoah Junct, WV.

Tell me and you will get a $100 gift card towards the restaurant of your choice. Click the picture below to vote on the best burger in the Shenandoah Junct, WV and get registered for a free gift card to the restaurant you choose or simply click this link.

Best Burger in Shenandoah Junct, WV

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